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Fiona Munro

Fiona (Fi) is a multi-award winning researcher, author and public speaker recognized internationally for her writing and approach to holistic health.   

In January, 2016 she was diagnosed with non-genetic, stage four ovarian cancer. Fi underwent a 12-hour operation in May, 2016 during which five of her organs were removed and four others were partially removed.   

She has been featured in two BBC documentaries, countless radio shows and newspaper articles and has been interviewed by reporters from across the globe with the intent of sharing her positivity with others facing adversity.

Fuelled by positivity and the importance of maintaining a balance of physical, emotional and spiritual health, she values ‘making your heart sing’, time in nature, yoga, meditation and eating the right food as the most important parts of any holistic treatment plan.

Fi's book, "Love, Light and Mermaid Tails" is available on Amazon and Kindle.