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Leah Nikki

I’m a survivor of cancer and Crohn’s disease. I'm a lover of all things music. Prior to adopting my two sons, I worked in the mortgage industry and was also an office manager for a rehab center. If you know me at all, none of these roles make sense. They're just not me. I am a dreamer. I have big dreams of all shapes and sizes. None of which include a 9-5 job. My mom calls me a “free spirit” but I think that’s a loving way of saying "head in clouds" or "do whatever feels right" or "fly by the seat of your pants" type of person. It sounds about right, so I’ll take it!

Life, Lemons & Lemonade is a blog I dreamed up when I realized I had a LOT to say about being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. My own experience led me to the conclusion that there is room for improvement when it comes to awareness and education. My goal for this blog is simple: I hope to reach, help, comfort, support, educate, commiserate, uplift and connect with any and everyone who can benefit from my life experiences and what I have learned. I strive daily to turn my Life & Lemons into delicious Lemonade. (Let’s call it “The Pulp” shall we?)