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Lindsay Dickerson

Hi Y'all! (yes, the y'all was obligatory) 

I'm Lindsay and I have a chronic illness (well, several). I was born with a dead colon and a nearly paralyzed digestive tract. I've been sick since birth, but began seeing a specialist in 2007. My insides have trouble functioning, and with my severe colonic inertia, motility disorders, my delayed stomach emptying, GERD, gastritis, severe anemia, pelvic floor dysfunction, and a myriad of other issues, life has been rough at times. In 2015, I had a total abdominal colectomy and was later given a permanent ileostomy in February, 2017. I love little "Debbie" (I call my stoma) as she has given me a second chance at life. 

I live in Georgia with my incredibly supportive husband and two stepchildren. The most phenomenal family a girl could dream of having. I started a blog named Bagged & Beautiful. Life is tough, but with my support group, I'm tougher.