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Gut Feelings

One family's story about their son who was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.


Title Gut Feelings
Author Ahmed Mutalib
Page Count 222


Publish Date June 21, 2014
Publisher CreateSpace

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For many years, ulcerative colitis was a fact of life for our son, Sam. He began showing the symptoms when he was around 3-years-old and several flare-ups, many complications and failed to respond to various medications. Before Sam reached his 7th birthday, he was hospitalized 26 times. Doctors initially tried treating Sam’s illness with steroids and anti-inflammatory medications, but none had lasting effects. He became severely immunosuppressed because of these medications and contracted chickenpox, episodes of high fever, and repeated colds.

Sam had surgery to remove his entire large intestine and started doing much better soon after. He gained weight, started to grow again, and the quality of his life improved tremendously but he was not free of post-surgical complications. At the time this book was written in 2014, Sam was 21 years old and healthy. Financially, his illness cost the family thousands of dollars. This book was written to share their experience with inflammatory bowel disease and the hope it will empower patients and their families with practical tips such as how to deal with difficult moments at school or at work, making travel easier, dealing with social challenges, the emotional impact of parental self-guilt, and much more.

Also available on Kindle.