Health The Way Nature Intended

A guide to eating and living well with a stoma by Leanne Chan.


Title Health The Way Nature Intended
Author Leanne Chan
Page Count 104


Publish Date December 4, 2015
Publisher Friesens Press

Health the Way Nature Intended is a friendly guide to the trifecta of health: mindfulness, exercises, meal plans and recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, fresh juices and smoothies. The book was created for Darren Pedersen who knows first hand what it is like to lose his health. Darren underwent radiation, chemotherapy and had two major surgeries to remove his entire colon and lymph nodes. Lost in the tunnel of cancer treatment with no guide and an overwhelming myriad of choices to make, Darren found his own balance between treatments, diet, lifestyle, and mindset. "I wanted to get back to living my life on my terms and focus on getting my self back to health the way nature intended it to be." Eating well with a stoma is a whole new world. What to buy? What to cook? Your seven-day, step-by-step guide is here. Let us guide you through shopping, meal-planning and cooking fantastic stoma-safe, delicious meals. We have created this cookbook for you; to eat and feel well while living with a stoma, going through chemotherapy, radiation or faced with the challenges of colitis or Crohn's disease.