I'd Like To Buy A Bowel, Please!

A compilation of stories of over eighty people who have an ostomy in common.


Title I'd Like To Buy A Bowel, Please!
Author Brenda Elsagher
Page Count 148


Publish Date April 28, 2006
Publisher Expert Publishing

I'd Like To Buy A Bowel, Please! is filled with stories from eighty contributors comprised of health care workers, support people or one who all have an ostomy in common in some form or another. These stories are filled with humor, hope, and a glimpse into the daily challenges of living with an ostomy. You'll also get educated on the various reasons why people receive this surgery and how it has been not only a life-saver but a life-enhancer for many. 

Brenda Elsagher's witty and slightly sarcastic humor is weaved throughout. She was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 39 and is candid about a topic that is still considered a taboo subject—the bowels gone haywire. Brenda urges all to get a colonoscopy particularly if over 50-years-old because it could save your life!