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It's In The Bag And Under The Covers

The inside scoop on how people with an ostomy deal with dating, intimacy, and caregiving.


Title It's In The Bag And Under The Covers
Author Brenda Elsagher
Page Count 149


Publish Date May 29, 2011
Publisher Expert Publishing

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Real stories by real people who bravely share the difficulties and the ability to overcome the challenges and live more positively. A groundbreaking book with an inside look from the view of a person with an ostomy or a caregiver dealing with the issues of sex, intimacy dating, and caregiving. 

There are 64 stories shared honestly about a subject people have rarely talked about. There is heartbreak as well as triumph and everything in between. Maybe you need some ideas on how to tell your date you have an ostomy or maybe you just want to see how other people handle intimacy, it’s here for you to read in It's In The Bag And Under The Covers.