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It's Okay To Have An Ostomy

Ann Favreau shares prose and poetry about her ostomy journey.


Title It's Okay To Have An Ostomy
Author Ann Favreau
Page Count 46


Publish Date July 19, 2012
Publisher Independently published

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Ann Favreau underwent colostomy surgery in 1988. It's Okay To Have An Ostomy inspires others by sharing prose and poetry about the journey after ostomy surgery. Her message of hope and transformation, from cancer to caring, resonates with many as she shares touching experiences and encouraging words.

Ann is the current President of Friends of Ostomates Worldwide–USA. She was also President of the Ostomy Association of Greater Springfield in Massachusetts and then went on to hold offices with United Ostomy Association (now UOAA), serving as President from 2000-2002.

Also available on Kindle.