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Left Holding The Bag

The journey of a traveling ostomate.


Title Left Holding The Bag
Author Kristin Furlong
Page Count 94


Publish Date November 5, 2018
Publisher Advanced Publishing

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Travel with Kristin Furlong as she shares her heartfelt struggle after unexpectedly being diagnosed with an incurable disease. From medical interventions, to the inevitable body-altering permanent ileostomy surgery that saved her life, Kristin shares this experience with the truth of her despair and the humor that helped save her sanity.

Unwilling to allow her circumstances to rob her of the life she wanted to live, Kristin forges onward; traveling, scuba diving, and many other activities. Her story is inspiring for anyone struggling with inflammatory bowel disease or who loves someone who may be struggling. This is a story of hope, acceptance, and the unexpected joy that comes from a second chance at life.