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Love, Light And Mermaid Tails

One woman's healing journey back to wholeness through stage IV cancer.


Title Love, Light And Mermaid Tails
Author Fi Munro
Page Count 204


Publish Date August 16, 2017
Publisher Createspace

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In January 2016, at the age of 30, Fi Munro was diagnosed with non-genetic stage four ovarian cancer. After months of pain, tests, and assurances that it was "nothing to worry about" her instincts were proven correct and her worst fears were realized. In the months that followed, understanding her diagnosis, recovery, and health became her full-time job. Using her expertise as a researcher she dedicated her time to understanding everything she could about her diagnosis and subsequent prognosis. 

In this honest, open, and emotional account of her journey back to wholeness, Fi openly shares her story — from diagnosis with stage four cancer to living an incredible, healthy life full of joy and laughter. This book is a guide for anyone (not just those with cancer) who wants to embrace a happier, healthier and more caring approach to their life.

Also available on Kindle.