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My Leaky Body: Tales From The Gurney

Julie Devaney weakest moment spawns a crusade for change.


Title My Leaky Body: Tales From The Gurney
Author Julie Devaney
Page Count 344


Publish Date September 21, 2012
Publisher Goose Lane Editions

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Part memoir, part love story, part revolutionary manifesto, My Leaky Body is politically astute, gooey like cake batter, and raw like ulcerated bowels. Julie Devaney takes on a journey through the health care system when she is diagnosed and treated for ulcerative colitis. In and out of emergency rooms in Vancouver and Toronto, she's poked, prodded, and abandoned to a closet at one point, bearing the helplessness and indignities of a system that seems hell-bent on victimizing the sick. As she recovers, she sets out to do just that: setting up a gurney on stage at workshops and conferences across the country to teach Bedside Manners 101 and to advocate for repairs to the system. Julie writes the book that will heal her aching heart and relax her strictured rectum as she weaves stories from professional and public interactions with tales from her gurney.