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My Other Bag's A Prada

Quick and dirty tips for surviving an ileostomy.


Title My Other Bag's A Prada
Author AW Cross
Page Count 160


Publish Date October 3, 2016
Publisher Glory Box Press

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You've just gotten an ileostomy. Now what? Living with an ostomy seems daunting but it doesn’t have to be. Author and ileostomate, AW Cross, gives you a firsthand, non-medical perspective of what to expect and how to cope successfully day-to-day. Through a straightforward blend of practicality and humor, you’ll learn the physical consequences and emotional impact of having an ostomy, how to choose your ostomy system and change your pouching system. Also, how to deal with odor, leaks, skin irritation, eating tips, intimacy, and more. Whether you’ve just gotten your ileostomy or you’ve had it for years, and if you’re determined to own it like a boss, this book is for you.