Pretty Girl Blues

An autobiography of Jearlean Taylor's life as a childhood cancer survivor.


Title Pretty Girl Blues
Author Jearlean Taylor


Page Count 90
Publish Date July 20, 2013

Jearlean Taylor was born and raised in Southwest Baltimore, growing up in a happy home with her parents and five siblings. At two and a half years old, she developed Rhabdomysarcoma, a rare vaginal cancer, and doctors thought she wouldn't live beyond age three. Undergoing urostomy and colostomy surgery as a child, Jearlean's life has been a journey of unexpected challenges. She never imagined struggling with low self-esteem, shame, insecurity, and severe medical complications would lead to becoming a fashion model in her teens. Journaling her struggles would be a source of internal healing, which then became a book. The adversities Jearlean overcame allowed her to inspire, encourage, and share her testimony around the world.