11 Health and Technologies Inc.

Introducing Smart Care. Where smart technology meets patient coaching.
11 Health and Technologies Inc.

Founded: 2015

Address: 2492 Walnut Avenue, Suite 104, Tustin, California 92780

Hours: 9:00am to 5:30pm PST Monday – Friday

11 Health and Technologies Inc. is a medical device company founded by Michael Seres, a long-term patient turned innovator who became the 11th person to undergo a small bowel transplant in the UK. Our connected ecosystem provides a unique model for patient care.

Combining Smart Technology with the world's first one-to-one Patient Coach Program provides both technical and emotional support to patients. We created a complete care management platform — the new gold standard in healthcare for both patients and clinicians. In the video below, learn how the Alfred smart care system will make life simpler and restore patient confidence.

—Information provided by the company

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