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The makers of OstomyPockets — a unisex attachment that snaps through undergarments to support any type of ostomy pouch.
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B-Lo Solutions is a family-owned business based in California that manufacturers the OstomyPocket, a lightweight and versatile pouch pocket. The OstomyPocket was developed in 2009 by an ostomate who had become frustrated with the swaying, skin-chafing movement of his ostomy pouch. However, when tucked into the "pocket" it remained firmly in place day and night.

The unisex pocket attachment snaps through most undergarments or lightweight fabrics – such as pajamas or hospital gowns – to support any type of ostomy pouch. Made from soft, lightweight polyester fabric, it provides a protective barrier against the skin, adding no extra bulk and helping to wick away moisture. The OstomyPocket can be attached in various directions (straight up, diagonally, sideways) to accommodate the location of the ostomy bag. For convenience while cleaning, the pouch may remain attached to undergarments throughout washing and drying cycles.

—Information provided by the company

Use the snap strip to secure OstomyPockets to your undergarment.

Use the snap strip to secure OstomyPockets to your undergarment.

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