Innovative and comfortable medical undergarments, waistbands and swimwear for ostomates.
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Comfizz is a family-owned business founded by Lorraine and Nozar Alikhanizadeh. Established in 1998 in West Yorkshire, England, Comfizz originally specialized in the production of high-performance athletic apparel. When a family member had ostomy surgery in 2004, the company went in a new direction, providing innovative and comfortable medical undergarments for ostomates of all ages.

With an understanding of activewear and a passion to help ostomates, Comfizz combined that knowledge to create innovative medical undergarments with the highest level of comfort and support. Each Comfizz garment – from support belts and waistbands, to stoma guards and swimwear – is created with a passion and commitment to quality. The Comfizz slogan, "Don’t feel different… FEEL CONFIDENT," is at the very core of what we believe.

—Information provided by the company

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