Innovative and comfortable medical undergarments, waistbands and swimwear for ostomates and hernia support.
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Industry: Ostomy Product Manufacturer

Founded: 1998

Address: Units 1-2 Woodlands Complex, Stanks Lane South, Leeds, LS14 5LN 

Country: United Kingdom

Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm EST Monday – Friday

Comfizz is a family-owned business founded by Lorraine and Nozar Alikhanizadeh. For over 20 years, Comfizz has manufactured high-quality and innovative medical undergarments which include: waistbands, support belts, undergarments, protective stoma guard, and swimwear.  

The Comfizz logo reflects our company roots. Whenever you see this symbol be assured it's a Comfizz original undergarment created with passion, commitment and a genuine understanding of the needs of ostomates. Our slogan, “Don't feel different... FEEL CONFIDENT” is at the very core of what we believe in producing the highest quality medical support garments.

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