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Innovative deodorizing ostomy pouch cover

StomaCloak® is an ostomy pouch cover that can conceal the contents of your ostomy bag. It is scientifically developed to provide more benefits than the typical ostomy pouch cover. Blending a sleek design with lifestyle changing technology, StomaCloak® gives you reassurance that your ostomy pouch will look, feel, and smell good every day.

Designed with a combination of the most upgraded materials and technology; this combination changes odor causing molecules, so odor is completely removed and not just masked. The lightweight, 100% machine wash and dry, long lasting/reusable pouch cover are made with durable cotton/polyester blend fabric and fits most pouch manufacturers. StomaCloak® is soft against the skin, comfortable to wear, and easy to handle with effective deodorizing action. The deodorizing ostomy pouch cover was created to make living with a stoma easier.

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