Stomydo cleans the stoma and surrounding skin area quickly and easily.
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Stomydo B.V. was founded in 2013 as a developer and supplier of medical devices in The Netherlands. We have created two innovative products to help make life easier for people who are living with a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy; Stomydo stoma shower and Stomydo wafer heater. Our team consists of inventors, technicians, and ostomates who fully align with the goals and mission of our company.

The Stomydo stoma shower is easy to use when you simply want to cleanse the stoma and peristomal skin area without taking a shower or bath. It can be used in connection with most faucets or showerheads, or with an adaptor that we made specifically for this product. Cleansing your stoma area regularly can promote healthy skin and help prevent irritation.

The Stomydo wafer heater is a device that uses a rechargeable battery to warm the skin barrier to body temperature on a timer for four minutes, and then it will switch off automatically. It can be used on either a one-piece or two-piece appliance but does not work optimally with convex pouching systems.

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