An inspirational quote can pick you up on a bad day.

We all fall down, but often a few simple encouraging words can be enough to get back up. 

We’ve met so many incredible ostomates who have overcome some pretty tough times. Here are some of our favorite quotes to help you see the amazing potential that ostomy life has to offer.

“You have to love yourself before anyone else can. Be confident and embrace what has saved your life.”

– Danielle McCormack

“When people are ignorant and inconsiderate, I have to flip the negative to a positive. Changing my perspective is one of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned in life. And the faster I flip the negative to a positive, the better off I will be.” – Cate Luth

“I remind myself to focus on all the ways that an ostomy is providing a better life. And life is so much more worth living when you’re not ashamed of, or trying to hide the equipment that’s keeping you alive.”

– Stephen Holman

“My ostomy gave me life. I learned to appreciate that life. Sure, I was different. I still am. But I have grown to love myself for that.” – Shawntel Bethea

“Your ostomy is giving you another chance at that life, so you might as well live it exactly the way that you want. The strength to do so lies within you. Simply take the first step, and then take another.”

– Ted Vosk

“The life this ostomy breathes into me is more than a blessing. It is a work of art. It is a wound from which light emanates, a ray of light that radiates hope and positivity while giving me another chance at life.” – Tina Aswani

“You may not realize this right away, but as life goes on you’ll notice many subtle ways in which you can handle so much more than before.”

– Leah Sannar

“This terrible disease has given me the ability to see what I have, not what I have lost. I’ve grown stronger as a person and truly appreciate the little things.” – Collin Jarvis

“My ileostomy doesn’t stop me from doing the things I love. It’s actually quite the opposite. I get to do the things I love because of my ileostomy!”

– Janie Kasse

“The one thing in this entire situation that I can control is how I respond to it. I refuse to be negative about what happened to me because so much goodness has come into my life thanks to my ileostomy.” – Jessica Sandiford

“While my illness does not define me, it is part of me and I can unhesitatingly say it has done me a world of good. It’s given me a new perspective on life and the drive to make the most of every good day.”

– Matthew Newman

“We cannot predict what life brings us. But more importantly, we cannot allow difficult circumstances to dictate our future. I can and will live a full and vibrant life.” – Jearlean Taylor