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Kindness is powerful. One small act of kindness can change somebody’s entire day. Here's a list of compliments you can give right now to change someone's day for the better — and possibly change the way they see themselves.

“I appreciate the way you carry yourself.”

Elegance is not always about the way you wear clothes, it comes from within. Admiring someone who shows gratitude for being an ostomate not only makes the person feel good but also praises everything they’ve been through to survive.

"I noticed what you did to help. It was very kind."

Oh, the things ostomates do!

The woman who started a local ostomy support group in her town.

The guy who picks up the bill for someone who can’t afford ostomy accessories.

The lady who walks for ostomy awareness weeks after her own surgery.

The man who offers to share his ostomy supplies with those in need, even if it means having to come out of pocket to buy more.

You may know people doing small acts of kindness. Take time to thank them for what they're really doing — helping us remember that we are all in this together.

"I want to know more because I care. I'm here to listen."

We all have something that makes us different, it’s a gift really. But living with an ostomy isn't always easy. Some ostomates feel isolated and alone. Understanding the reason behind their surgery and listening to their fears can help them feel acknowledged.

"You’re incredible!”

The ostomate in your life could be upset and scared and maybe even in denial about having surgery. Recognize what's really happening — they’ve been through A LOT and it's overwhelming! 

Warning: these words may cause little sparks of happiness to go off inside.

"I actually like the sound of your stoma."

Sometimes ostomates aren’t sure what to say or do when they have a noisy stoma. It can be embarrassing, funny and shocking all at the same time! Interestingly enough, most people don't snicker when these so-called "toot" things come out, nor do they smell anything. Just say it, and if that's too goofy or embarrassing, text it.

"Your ostomy brings me joy. It makes me happy."

This phrase isn’t common because it might seem cheesy or we don't know the person well enough or we don’t know what to do when ostomy leaks get messy. Saying this in an unexpected moment shows ostomates that you appreciate they are alive and well, no matter what awkward situation may arise.

"I love you just the way you are."

There's a special glow that comes when somebody likes you for who you are. If you notice that an ostomate is feeling discouraged or depressed, what they may need is your reassurance that everything is going to be okay. This phrase can be a way of expressing the most honored of human emotions: love and acceptance.

World Kindness Day is one day out of the year but the movement lives on! Every day look around and see where you can give back to those around you.