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Many of us have been on a long, uphill journey and our energy is nearly spent. Yet somehow we haven't given up. Why? I've learned that when circumstances can't be changed, like a permanent ostomy, the best option is learning how to accept it.

9 - Jenny Jones

Not everyone copes the same way with having an ostomy. At OC, we understand that better than anyone. Whatever you're going through, talk to us. Go ahead, rant here. Journaling will help shed light on how to get through your problems. 

I've had an ileostomy for 24 years and it wasn't easy for me to accept for the first 15 years. By focusing on what's going right in my life, it became clear that goodness is all around me. I am grateful to be able to experience it all, even when it’s painful sometimes.

p.s. You're doing great.