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I get to do the things I love because of my ostomy

Without a doubt, surgery saved my life.

On January 31, 2006, ileostomy surgery without a doubt saved my life! I’ve always felt confident with it, but never really thought about how my experience might help others. It took 10 years for me to show my ostomy. Even though I was comfortable with it, I had never actually shown it. So, I started sharing my story to prove there IS life after an ostomy. I'm proud of my body, my scars, and yes... even my ileostomy.

#IAmResilient because I’ve never said, why me?

I won’t let my mind get bogged down with pity parties. I see the positive outside of my current situation. Yes, I had a few really bad years with Crohn’s disease but I choose to focus on 10 great healthy years in remission. That’s winning to me!

#IAmResilient because I learned to fight for my life. 

Everyone has struggled in their life, I’m not special. I did the same thing thousands of others have done in my situation — I chose ostomy surgery to save my life. One of my doctors actually said to me, “I firmly believe if you did not have surgery, you would not be alive today.”

#IAmResilient because I let an ostomy change me — in a good way.

I've learned to live more for today and do what I love. I LOVE aerial arts. I LOVE event planning for charities. I LOVE dancing and live music. My ileostomy doesn’t stop me from doing any of these things, actually, it's quite the opposite. I get to do the things I love because of my ileostomy!