Knowing your self-worth is the foundation to build your whole life on.

Everything we see in the world – pictures in magazines, celebrities on TV, people on social media – sends us a message. It’s easy to focus on what is ‘seen’ and think it will promise happiness, but most times those things never live up to the truth. The ‘unseen’ is what brings lasting joy, and that comes from getting to know yourself.

Going through ostomy surgery wasn’t easy for me. Trying to make sense of everything was overwhelming. I was faced with a new normal that I wasn’t ready for. There was so much to learn and get used to. I was 21. Acceptance seemed impossible.

WE ALL HAVE those moments, when all our fears and all our worries are experienced in real life. No matter how uncomfortable, how awkward, how painful, how raw, or however long it took—I had to figure out how to live with an ostomy. And I believe you'll figure things out too. Never give up on yourself.

Everyone lacks confidence occasionally, but I was unhappy with myself most of the time. This is something I've struggled with for many years, but I’m definitely learning how to appreciate my own qualities better now.

If you’re struggling to find yourself or asking "how do I start?", try beginning each day with these reminders:


Focus on my inner beauty.

Love myself the way I am today.

Look at others with admiration, not jealousy.

Treat others the way I want to be treated.

Learning to love yourself is hard. In actuality, we discover our strengths and weaknesses through continual trial and error. Feel your feelings, the good and the bad. When you notice yourself looking at the downside, force yourself to find an upside. And always remember, you are a gift to the world.

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