Support from others can help you become stronger and reach new heights, places you couldn’t reach on your own.

If you remember hearing comforting words during ostomy surgery, then you know the power of a few caring thoughts. It really helps to hear it said directly to you, especially more than once. 

A positive message, an honest compliment, a sincere note—all have the potential to turn fear into peace of mind. 

Choose to speak words of encouragement and love to boost self-esteem, brighten days, and offer comfort to others facing difficult times.

We have a special connection to each other, and every encounter is a chance to bring messages of hope. Sometimes it just helps knowing you're not going through it alone. 

“A stranger at the hospital who recently had the procedure encouraged me. Seeing an example of someone living with an ostomy had the most positive effect on me, so I make sure to provide an example for others.” 

– Jean Lester, 88, ileostomy since 1972 due to ulcerative colitis

You can be a powerful force in this world, to you and others.

You can be a powerful force in this world, to you and others.

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