Natalie Amber Freegard on body image: "I’ve FINALLY learned to love myself the way I need to"

As a model and dancer, she thought her body would be ruined after ostomy surgery.
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Natalie Amber Freegard is a model, dancer and performer with over a decade of experience in acting and commercial roles. She completed her professional training at The Wilkes Academy and Liberatus School of Performing Arts in Wiltshire, UK.

Last December, Natalie underwent an emergency operation to save her life and woke to find she had an ileostomy. She was diagnosed with Crohn's disease that same month. Recently, Natalie took to Facebook to publicly discuss the surgery, body image, and lessons she learned about self-love.

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"Love the skin your in," she wrote.

No matter what is thrown her way, Natalie proves herself to be a survivor time and time again.