Here's to not letting your illness and stoma hold you back!

You are getting better and better and better. Just keep going.
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Thinking back to this time last year. I was miserable in a job I hated and was going through tests for secondary infertility. Now look what I have! Cooper is 7-weeks-old. I was just back from a run (note: I did not run dressed like this! I wore a top as well 🤣).

Baby's face is like "Ewww mummy, you're all sweaty!"

Baby's face is like "Ewww mummy, you're all sweaty!"

Love my high waisted running leggings though! I also have some amazing ones from Tikiboo if anyone is into funky leggings. And wearing my high waisted knickers from Vanilla Blush underneath for extra support.

My first surgery was in May 2011 because of Crohn’s disease and was then made permanent shortly after in September 2011. Life after this sort of surgery is hard and we can sometimes feel restricted by what to wear. As women, we still want to feel attractive and appealing to others. Together with my friends Becky and Amy, we started Osto-MY Fashion, a closed Facebook group designed for females ostomates to share fashion tips, experiences, hints, and outfits so others know they can still be fashionable and wear what they like with a stoma. Holiday party season is coming up soon and I can't wait to see some of your outfits and hopefully share mine too!

So next time you're feeling stressed, stuck, pissed off, or pissed on, kick those negative thoughts out and start thinking positive about your ostomy.