These Hirschsprung’s kids have the best smiles that will bring happiness to your day.

Warning: cuteness overload!
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Every child with Hirschsprung’s disease has unique needs, so the lives of their families are always changing. Happy moments and joys of life are matched with doctor visits, hospital stays, and medical tests. 

All children with Hirschsprung’s require surgical treatment. It’s really hard to imagine everything they go through, but we’re so happy they’re here! Just seeing their smiling faces brings happiness to our day.

Did you know a toddler can smile up to 400 times a day? Well, we think they have the right idea!

Our son Caleb was diagnosed with Hirschsprung's at 4 days old. At 7 days old he had a pull-through procedure to remove a portion of his colon that was not functioning. Since then he's been on an up and down roller coaster. He’s endured countless ER visits, multiple surgeries, and many hospital stays. But he keeps a smile on his face, even through all the tough times.
— Crystal Casey-Balling

A beautiful smile is all in the eyes.

At 2 days old, Jameus was diagnosed with Hirschsprung's disease. At exactly 2 weeks old, he had his first surgery. A couple days after surgery his bowel perforated. He went back into surgery and came out with a colostomy. He was 3 weeks old and on life support. My now thriving son would not be here without his colostomy. It gave him life when he was so close to it being taken away. He is absolutely my hero.
— Dallas Lynn

With big brother by your side, there's always a reason to smile.

Hudson did not pass stool within the first two days of birth. After doctors did a full rectal biopsy, he was diagnosed with total colonic Hirschsprung’s disease. At just two weeks old, ileostomy surgery was needed to bypass the affected part of his colon. My precious baby, when I look at him I see strength and determination. He is my brave warrior!
— Bridgett Demick

Smile if you're ready for Christmas!

Faith did not gain weight like she was supposed to. She would spit up after eating and rarely pooped. My mommy alarm went off! Faith wasn’t diagnosed with total colonic Hirschsprung’s disease until 2 1/2 months old and then had to have ileostomy surgery. One lesson I’ve learned through Faith's journey is that you MUST advocate for your child. You are their voice. If it doesn’t seem right, then keep fighting until you get answers. 
— Keina Hamilton

Does this smile look cute on me?

My son Levi was born with Hirschsprung's disease. He was airlifted to children's hospital at 2 days old and had ileostomy surgery at 4 days old. As a single mom, the financial part of his illness has been super difficult. A revision last November resulted in a recessed stoma and reoccurring abscess, so I’m raising funds to take him to children’s hospital in Memphis for a second opinion. Levi has been through a lot but is surrounded by love. He has four older sisters who spoil him rotten!
— Amanda Watson

We all need a little fun to carry us through.

At 10 days old, Hudson’s pediatrician noticed his belly was distended. He was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s disease and sent to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for a series of surgeries. Today, Hudson is working on potty training and, according to his mom, is doing great overall!
— Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

As Hirschsprung’s Disease Awareness Month comes to an end, we'd like to once again congratulate Stefania Little for creating a global month of recognition and building a support network to help families feel more connected.