Ostomates know how precious life is, and that's why we live each day to the fullest.

I know I'm not alone in saying that I would not be here today if it wasn't for an ostomy. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart for saving my life. I am truly grateful to be alive and so are many other ostomates.

Instagram is a beautiful place to connect with ostomates who are full of inspiration and praise. So, let’s get this life appreciation party started!

Go ahead, marvel over how far you've come.

Stop and acknowledge your accomplishments—all of the wonderful things that you’ve created in your life so far. And let’s be clear, marveling not in an "everything is perfect" kind of a way, but in an "everything is perfectly-imperfect” kind of way.

Soak in those little moments, people, and tiny glimpses of light.

Because when you start calling your mind’s attention to those things, a totally magical thing happens… they multiply. Then more pop up, and suddenly joy and happiness are bursting all around you!

It's all in how you see things, and you always get the choice.

Ostomy Awareness Day is a day to reflect and appreciate all the wonderful opportunities that your new life holds. Remember dear ostomates, the grass is greener wherever you water it.

Gather up all those bits of goodness to revel in.

Thanksgiving (or any time, really) is the perfect holiday to express genuine gratitude for your life, for your strength, and for all the people who love and support you.

When you love life, it's hard not to share a rush of good feelings.

Truthfully, just a quick shout-out is one of the best little daily rituals that we can all make time for. Try it for 21 days and it might become a habit!

Be thankful for life and people who make life worth living.

Gratitude helps us think outside ourselves and connect with people in meaningful ways. Cherish every moment and memory made with your family and friends.

If you look hard enough, you can always find the bright side.

A proud moment is appreciating that you have a second chance at life. Don’t let an ostomy hold you back from anything.

Loving life through all the ups and downs.

Life is ironic. It takes sadness to know happiness, struggle to appreciate strength, and illness to value health. Live and learn—that’s the journey!

The importance of appreciation cannot be understated. Thank you everyone, for spreading positivity and hope into the world. You are all a shining example of what’s possible when gratitude rules.  

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