Bring the storm.

2 a.m. lying here awake
The familiar pain returns
Burning through my gut
Devouring me from within
Doubled over I weep
Wanting only to be numb
A sickly-sweet stench of digested blood emanates from my bag

Today is not the day
I am so exhausted
It feels like I've been fighting this forever
Is there any shame if I just stay down this time?
Exhausted, battered, alone in the dark
I growl menacingly NOT TODAY
It's already stolen so much
So much time, so many dreams, so much of me

Bring the storm
Here I am
Fierce, defiant, unbowed
Kill me if you can
I will never quit

The alarm calls to me
2:30, time to train
3,200 yards in the pool
Footsteps on the road
Pursue, harass and torment
Release upon me your arsenal
I've endured your fury before
Today is not the day I fall...