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Yulady's uplifting words and beautiful poses are sure to inspire you

The healing power of yoga. Namasté.

In the past 13 years, Yulady Saluti has had 27 surgeries to rid her body from illness. In 2004, just one week after getting married, her doctor discovered a tumor between her rectum and vagina which led to months of pain, complications, and ongoing operations including a permanent colostomy. Then in 2012, Yulady was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and had to have a double mastectomy.

The beautiful yoga poses that she and her husband Gerald taught to others, now became a stabilizing force in their lives. If you're facing hard times, Yulady's uplifting words will inspire you to practice more yoga.

Yoga teaches that everything is connected.

"Every single thing in the Universe has a vibration and each vibration holds a strengthening or weakening effect on our being. You can feel the energy (aura) of a person just by being beside them, this is of course if you are tuned in."

Your body can do it. It’s your mind you need to convince.

"An important part of my yoga practice is acceptance. Before my ostomy, I had no problem back bending. I️ doubted myself at first because it’s been months since my health has allowed me to practice yoga. To my surprise, my wonderful amazing body just did it with ease."

Try to be sensitive. That is yoga.

"There is a sense of relief and freedom when you decide to just be yourself. Accept your faults. You are perfect. The one true path I have found to happiness is to think less about myself and more about helping others. Today be extra awesome and kind."

Inhale the future. Exhale the past.

“Sometimes you have to say or write how you're feeling so you can move on and heal. It took me 37 years to get comfortable in my own skin. I love my scars because they tell a story. I struggle daily with my ostomy but I’m grateful that it saved my life. Don’t take life too seriously. Remember it’s all temporary. Enjoy every bit of it.”

Yoga brings you into the present moment.

"I️ know I️ say this often but the human body is such a miracle. Especially mine after 27 surgeries and living with an ostomy, it works so well (ok, sometimes not so well). Today I’m grateful for my body. Take both hands to your heart and remind yourself of all that you are grateful for. Right here in this moment."

Give this world good energy.

"Happiness is a temporary thing, you don't want that. You want to reach for a state of contentment. Because once you are there, you're okay with whatever comes your way and will understand that everything is temporary."

Who supports you in life?

"Having a loving and supportive relationship with your spouse or significant other is a priceless commodity. Supporting one another should not feel like work. It should instead feel like a great joy."

Life is all about balance.

“The simple act of looking up instead of down can have a profound effect on the way you see things. Try it. The world is a glorious mixture of colors and sounds. Pick your head up for a change and take a look at what you have been missing.”

Just believe.

“Believe in yourself. Believe in your purpose on this beautiful earth even if you haven't found it yet. Believe that you can overcome anything. Believe that love will beat hate. Believe that hard work is a must. Believe in your power. Believe in what you want. Just believe.”

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