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OC+Company profiles are not endorsements of the listed products or services. 

What kinds of things do ostomates say are well worth the money? There’s no shortage of recommendations, including these ten products you can use every day.

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1) Comfizz

Comfizz originally specialized in high-performance athletic apparel in England. When a family member had ostomy surgery in 2004, the company took a new direction to provide innovative support undergarments for ostomates of all ages. From belts and waistbands, to stoma guards and swimwear, Comfizz products are created with a passion and commitment to quality.

2) Na’Scent

Na’Scent is non-toxic, unscented, effective, easy to use odor eliminator for inside ostomy pouches. The highly oxygenated liquid removes the odors associated with ostomies by inhibiting the proliferation of anaerobic microorganisms while encouraging anaerobic environment. As a result, odors are not simply masked, they are eliminated without the use of harsh chemicals or deodorants.

3) OstomyPockets

OstomyPockets by B-Lo Solutions was originally developed in 2009 by an ostomate who was frustrated with the swaying, skin-chafing movement of his ostomy pouch. Made from soft, lightweight polyester fabric, the “pocket” provides a protective barrier against skin, helps wick moisture away, and can be attached in various directions (straight up, diagonally, sideways).

4) Abilitee Adaptive Wear

In 2015, Dr. Julie Sanchez and Marta Elena began creating adaptive apparel for adults and children with disabilities and medical needs with a mission is to empower patients to feel and look good. Abilitee Adaptive Wear products include ostomy pouch covers and ostomy belts that are available in a variety of colors and prints.

5) Ostomy Resolutions

Ostomy Resolutions® stoma guard by Sure Guard Inc. protects your ostomy from impact, gives hernias or bulges added support, helps prevent pancaking, and muffles noise. The two-part system (base + adapter) is designed to be worn with or without a support belt and is available in standard and low-profile measurements. 

6) Ostomysecrets

Ostomysecrets® line of high-quality ostomy wraps, underwear and swimwear feature an inner pocket that helps to conceal your ostomy pouch by holding it close to your torso. With a variety of styles and fabrics, there is a solution available for almost any person living with an ostomy. Perfect for intimacy, exercise, day-to-day, and more. 

7) H2ORS

H2ORS is an over-the-counter electrolyte drink mix that reverses moderate dehydration. In multi-site trials, H2ORS has reduced the need for unscheduled intravenous fluids in cancer patients. Ostomates can use it daily as a hydration supplement to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance.

8) Stealth Belt

Stealth Belt is custom made to fit any body type and suitable for any lifestyle. It conceals and supports the ostomy appliance with a zippered pouch compartment that allows for easy access, so there is no need to remove the belt when emptying your pouch. Each belt has a double-locking adjustable velcro closure to ensure a comfortable fit.

9) Devrom

Devrom® chewable tablets by The Parthenon Company deodorizes embarrassing odor from intestinal gas. The internal deodorant is approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and considered safe and effective for eliminating odor from stool and gas (flatulence) almost immediately. Each dose contains 200mg bismuth subgallate (active ingredient) and is available without a prescription.

10) Osto-EZ-Vent

Osto-EZ-Vent® by KEM Enterprises, Inc. is an innovative venting device specifically designed to quickly release air build-up inside any type of ostomy pouch. Because it is not a filtering device, the device works efficiently, lasts as long as the pouch, does not become ineffective in water, and is easy to install and use.

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