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When leaving the hospital after ostomy surgery, you’re given a discharge plan. This may include instructions on how to take care of any wounds, dietary or exercise limitations, and other home care guidelines. Equally important, but sometimes overlooked, are special instructions on caring for your stoma. So, where can you turn for expert help?

Corstrata is a leader in telehealth for ostomy and wound care, offering consultations with certified nurses through telecommunication services. Our technology connects you to wound, ostomy, and continence nurses (WOC Nurses), from anywhere. Why telehealth? Simply put, easy access to expert care improves health outcomes for people with ostomies.

Here are some of the advantages of telemedicine and why we believe every ostomate has “Gotta have Corstrata.”

You can't find a certified ostomy nurse in your local area.

The majority of WOC Nurses work in the hospital setting and accessibility to outpatient clinics is limited depending on where you live. With a lack of guidance, you may end up using an overabundance of ostomy supplies which can be very expensive.

“There isn't an ostomy nurse where we live. My wife and I were in a constant state of distress over my ileostomy and trying to get the pouching system to stay on beyond four hours. Myra Varnado at Corstrata was a godsend! During our teleconference, she was supportive and compassionate while helping us work through the difficulties. Thanks to her expertise and guidance, my bag changes now occur every 3-4 days and we have our lives back!” – James from Florida

Your home health agency or rehab facility isn't trained in ostomy care.

Continued care is essential for avoiding complications and maintaining the quality of life following surgery. If your home health nurse isn’t familiar with ostomy care, it could be detrimental to recovery. Telehealth is a remedy for ostomates who are seeking timely, specialized care.

"I feel more confident knowing what is normal for my skin. Just being able to see a professional while in my home was so convenient.” – Lynn from North Carolina

You have ostomy questions but your medical team is unreachable.

Recovering from ostomy surgery is tough, but it's even tougher when you have to wait weeks for help with critical stoma issues. Not all medical professionals are taking advantage of telehealth. Access to specialized ostomy care is your right as a patient and it's essential throughout the whole journey with a stoma.

"I had a very informative video conference with an ostomy nurse at Corstrata. She came up with a solution that prevented more peristomal skin problems. Knowing that professional, expert assistance was available with a phone call is so reassuring. I live in a very rural area where getting medical attention involves a two-hour drive. Using telehealth from Corstrata is invaluable to me!” – Suzanne from Florida

Get answers to your ostomy and wound care concerns from the comfort and convenience of home. Corstrata virtual care services are private pay (an out-of-pocket expense) and are not currently covered by health insurance. We offer telehealth in the following states: AZ, CA, GA, FL, MO, NJ, OR, PA, RI, TX, VA, and will be adding additional states in the coming months.

Schedule your online consultation with an ostomy expert today.

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