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Every Ostomate Has A Horror Story To Tell

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This post was originally published on Cancer Owl.

For those of you who hadn't known already, the cancer I was diagnosed with was colorectal cancer. And for 9 months I had an ostomy bag. And as anyone with an ostomy will tell you, it gets you more used to your own poop than you can ever imagine. Nearly every ostomate I've talked to has a horror story.

Note: Below is the original story submission on Cancer Owl from an ostomate:  

After 24 hours of not hearing from me. My caregiver and best friend rushed over to my house to check on me. She thought I was dead. It was a Sunday morning. She was knocking frantically at my door. I rushed to answer it, with a full ostomy bag. After an aggressive hug, my bag came open and... SPLAT!

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