It's through the quiet peaceful times that our strength is truly renewed.

The toilet overflows, you need to change your ostomy system (yesterday), your child's school project is due, the car needs repairs, bills need to be paid, work has you up late, you forget to order ostomy supplies (again).

Ever have one of those days?

Some days it feels as if the entire world is conspiring to overschedule and overwhelm us. If your days feel frantic and your constant to-do list is enough to keep you up at night, you might be on the path to burnout. Believe me, I know. Sometimes I’m not sure how I'm going to make it — but I always do, and so will you.

You may not realize it but taking care of yourself is a crucial part of being an ostomate, not just during recovery but life in general. What is your quiet place? The place that you go to get away from the chaos. We all need quiet time each day to pause, regroup and take a few minutes to gain some perspective.

Start to pay attention to the moments in your life when you need to stop everything, disconnect and relax. Rest won’t necessarily fix our problems, but it will reboot our attitudes. No matter how full a schedule, make rest a priority.

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