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Five kind gestures that can help someone who had ostomy surgery feel better

Small acts of kindness go a long way to let them know you care.
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If your friend or family member went through ostomy surgery, they have been through a lot. It's a life-saving surgery for many but it’s also life-altering.

Here are five simple, yet meaningful ways to make the ostomate in your life feel special on World Kindness Day... or any day!

1. Give the gift of hydration.

One important thing ostomates should maintain is hydration. It’s a daily habit that takes constant reminding, but you can help by gifting these little packets of love. Nuun Hydration is a tablet that mixes easily with water and has electrolytes which help prevent dehydration.

2. Learning through books.

Ostomy surgery is somewhat intimidating. Fear of the unknown, changes in body appearance and wearing an appliance can be scary. Books about people who have an ostomy can help. It can also help pass the time while recovering in the hospital or at home. We have a handy book club list that you can choose from and many are available on Kindle too.

3. Have a healthy get together.

Instead of meeting for coffee, suggest a great spot for a fresh juice or smoothie instead. Juice bars are so popular these days, so it won’t be hard to find one. Because raw fruits and veggies tend to be avoided right after surgery since they're hard to digest, blended fruits and veggies are a great option.

4. Meet up with others together.

Coping emotionally is different for everyone. If you’re trying to comfort someone who just had ostomy surgery but just can’t relate, you’re not alone. Look for an ostomy support group in your area and attend the meeting together. Making face-to-face connections with other ostomates can be the best source of help.

5. A hug, a compliment, a smile.

These kind gestures do make a difference. Listening without judgment can really help someone feel loved and understood. Sometimes just saying, "don't give up" can help get them through the day.