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This easy to use product can help stop ostomy pouch leaks from happening

ParSORB™ in your pouch will absorb liquid contents in minutes.
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Two issues that have many ostomates concerned are leaks and noises. If you are experiencing a lot of output, it might sound like sloshing inside the pouch and that liquid could easily come in contact with your skin barrier, seal, or filter. It’s important to keep liquid output at the bottom of your ostomy pouch and away from the stoma area in order to get the longest possible wear time out of your appliance. Thankfully, there is an easy to use product that we've created to help stop leaks from happening.

The super absorbent material found in Par-SORB™ gel packets transforms the liquid into a semi-solid gel which helps keep output away from the stoma area, reduces sloshing noises, and makes emptying your pouch a bit easier. The granules are non-toxic and are packaged within a dissolvable (water-soluble) film packet so there's no need to open them up, plus their small size makes it simple to take anywhere.

  Par-SORB™ Ostomy Absorbent Packets Travel Size

  Par-SORB™ Ostomy Absorbent Packets Travel Size

“I’ve found that having Par-SORB in my ostomy pouch helps with leaks around my stoma. I use it at bedtime mostly because I have a lot of loose output. I also use it during the day to reduce the sound of fluids in my pouch when I walk or exercise at the gym. Great product!” – James, Parthenon customer

To use, simply place an intact packet into the ostomy pouch each time after it is emptied. When the packet comes into contact with liquid output, it will cause the output to form a gel. Watch as Megan, The Front Butt YouTuber, demonstrates how ostomy absorbent gel packets work and why she uses them.

Par-SORB™ is also available as non-packet scoopable granules that come in a jar. Simply place one scoop of the crystals inside your ostomy pouch. Both styles work well, so it’s just a matter of preference which one to use. The benefit of having the absorbent granules without a packet is that they absorb instantly, so you don't have to wait for the film of the packet to dissolve. You can also control the amount of granules you need to use, rather than using pre-measured packets.

  ParSORB™ Ostomy Absorbent Crystals

  ParSORB™ Ostomy Absorbent Crystals

In a survey conducted by The Parthenon Company of new patients who have tried ostomy absorbent gel packets, 80% rated Par-SORB™ "effective" to "very effective" in its ability to keep pouch contents away from the stoma, improve user self-confidence and eliminate pouch noises.

"I have loose output from my ileostomy and have tried everything to help manage the sloshing. I discovered Par-SORB at the UOAA Conference and really appreciate just how well it absorbs all the liquid in my pouch. I order the granules, not as convenient as the packets, but it lasts me much longer and costs a little less.” – Andrea W., Parthenon customer

It is very important to only put products inside your pouch that are specifically designed to be used with ostomy appliances. I do not recommend placing anything inside the ostomy pouch unless it is labeled safe for your stoma. If you have any doubt about using products or accessories, please ask your ostomy nurse, doctor or surgeon. Order Par-SORB™ ostomy absorbent products online at The Parthenon Company.

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