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Underwear is likely the first thing you put on, the last thing you take off, and the one piece of clothing that gets closer than anything to your, uh, pouch. For the last reason alone, we firmly believe that ostomates should be re-upping their underwear drawers!

One clothing brand made for people living with an ostomy comes from a family-owned company based in the United Kingdom. Comfizz was established in 1998 by Lorraine and Nozar Alikhanizadeh as a fashion garment producer and moved into specialized sportswear in 2002. When Lorraine’s father had ileostomy surgery in 2004, he needed underwear that was comfortable and supportive to help him feel more confident.

Over the next 13 years, Lorraine and Nozar would use their expertise, coupled with the finest materials to develop a range of products that truly make a positive difference in their customers' lives.

Here’s what ostomates discovered after wearing Comfizz undergarments.

Ladies Support Briefs High Waist – Level 1

Not only is super tight underwear often uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time, it’s also not the best situation for your stoma because it can limit the flow. This ostomate has been wearing Comfizz level 1 support briefs for about two years.

I have a stoma and have been wearing level 1 panties plus other Comfizz garments. I had a hernia following ostomy surgery and I am sure wearing these items helped it from getting worse before the corrective surgery. I find them very comfortable and supportive.” – Jill B., colostomy

Boxer High Waist Double Layer – Level 2

Don’t feel different… FEEL CONFIDENT. This slogan is at the very core of what Comfizz believes. This double ostomate says the Double Layer Boxer definitely did not disappoint.

"Well it was like Christmas when the Double Layer Boxer from Comfizz arrived… I was sooo excited. I cannot get over how fantastic this undergarment works with my prolapse stoma and hernia. It doesn't feel tight at all and very supportive with my ileostomy and urostomy. It’s been a month and I feel so confident wearing something that holds everything in place. These are the best boxers I have ever owned.” – Rachel J., ileostomy and urostomy


Comfizz 10″ Waistband (with silicone) Unisex Level 1

Comfizz 10″ Waistband (with silicone) Unisex Level 1

A seamless stretchy tube made from the same breathable fabric as the boxers and briefs. Some with silicone for extra grip keeping your waistband exactly where you want it. This ostomate recommends Comfizz waistbands far and wide.

I’m always telling newbies about the amazing customer service and the fabulous products that you have. I had a colostomy in March, 2014 and I wear a Comfizz waistband every single day without fail – they wash and dry really well. Even today I was recommending them to a friend at work who had bowel surgery due to cancer, though no stoma, but she had a hernia. Thank you for such excellent service!” - Margaret J., colostomy

Comfishield Set

Protect your stoma from unwanted forces thanks to a two-piece set with soft back pad that sits snuggly behind your ostomy pouch and a semi rigid polymer protector which stays put with Velcro. This customer says the Comfishield Set works perfectly.

Having my main meal in the evening, hence my stoma working during the night, I was constantly waking up to check my bag for overfilling, pancaking or leaking (particularly worrying while away on holiday). The Comfishield Set is brilliant and works perfectly. I am now sleeping through the night, and able to sleep on either side without pressure being placed on my bag. I would highly recommend Comfizz products to anyoneespecially for a peaceful sleep.” – P. Brown, ileostomy

Support Belt – Level 3

Just as important as well-fitting undies are support belts made with the right material. Built in stabilizing ribs prevent wrinkling ensuring stable support and Velcro fastening for easy fit. This ostomate started buying Comfizz products over one year ago.

This belt helped me regain my confidence wearing clothes, especially because I have a lot of dresses and jeans. Before I became an ostomate I was an avid runner, so using garments from Comfizz meant that I felt supported and safe whilst exercising. I like that they have several choices and different levels of support.” – Stephie S., ileostomy

V Neck Support T-Shirt

Comfizz Support T-Shirts offers great all-round support. A revelation in support wear for post-surgery and active ostomates, and the first of its kind. Experience soft gentle support around your mid region and stoma site with a figure flattering stylish shirt.   

I’m a huge fan of Comfizz in general, and these t-shirts are no exception. I love the look and breathable fabric. I’ve tried many tops, leisurewear, etc., but nothing fit well. Then, I found Comfizz. The longer length doesn’t ride up and does its job—even during the sweatiest workouts. I also own a pair of the Enso Briefs and a tank top, both of which are also excellent. After many washes and wears, they still look and feel like new.” – Jack D.

Whether you’re a cheeky gal, boxer guy, boy-short lover or full-coverage fan, you’re bound to find something that feels both nice on your skin and gives comfortable support for your ostomy at Comfizz.

This article was made possible by Comfizz. To find out more about our approach to sponsored articles, see our About page.

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