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Adjusting to life with an ostomy can be challenging, so it’s important to know you're not alone. If you’re a brand new ostomate, you’ll likely have dozens of questions that need answering—that’s where a Stoma Care Nurse can help.

What does a Stoma Care Nurse do?

The role of a Stoma Care Nurse is to provide ostomates with a responsive, supportive and comprehensive nursing service. This may include discussions and guidance about pre-stoma site marking, post-surgery recovery and answering questions about certain complications that may arise during the continuous care of your ostomy. Your ostomy nurse has connections to local support groups and can also help you choose the right ostomy appliance and accessories. They provide care and support during your stay in the hospital and once you return home as well, offering you support throughout your entire ostomy surgery experience.

SecuriCare Stoma Care Nursing Service

At SecuriCare, we are committed to providing a complete support service for your stoma care and continence care needs. With one of the largest independent teams of Stoma Care Nurses, our staff of over 40 qualified nurses are experts in their field and contracted with various NHS Trusts around the United Kingdom. Every nurse working at SecuriCare is registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and has at least two years of stoma and colorectal care experience.  

Gill Little, Clinical Services Director  

Gill Little, Clinical Services Director  

“We support you with personalized nursing care which cover your entire pre and post-operative phase. This includes pre-discharge planning whilst still in hospital, a community pathway with home visits, telephone support and clinic appointments to monitor progress and work towards rehabilitation. We encourage all of our patients to meet with their Stoma Care Nurse for an annual review, to make sure they’re using the right products and to provide them with an opportunity to ask questions or attend a local stoma support group. Our patients provide their feedback on the nursing service received via surveys so we receive their opinions first-hand.” – Gill Little, Clinical Services Director

What our patients think of their nurses.

Katie Chesworth is a law student and lifestyle blogger from Manchester, UK who had ileostomy surgery in 2015. She has been working with our Stoma Care Nurses from the very beginning.

Katie Chesworth

Katie Chesworth

“Jill and Nicky came to see me on the day it was mentioned that I might need to have surgery. They sat down with me for an entire afternoon and talked me through what the procedure would be like and how my life would change. They showed me the stoma bags, Jill even brought a dummy with her so I could practice putting bags onto it! They were also there for emotional support as well which really helped me come to terms with it all. I was given a SecuriCare starter kit filled with enough ostomy supplies for my hospital stay, and had enough pouches and accessories for a whole month once I returned home to help me settle in. My stoma nurses have been there from the beginning and I can now ring them up at any time to speak with them. They are so helpful and I honestly don't know what I would do without them.” – Katie Chesworth

Providing extensive support for patients and clinicians.

Nurse Manager, Emma Vernon is part of our specialist team who provides care at hospitals and within communities across the UK, from Kent to Carlisle. We aim to deliver the highest standard of care in order to make a significant difference in our patients’ quality of life, before and after stoma formation.

  Emma Vernon, Nurse Manager  

  Emma Vernon, Nurse Manager  

"All of our nurses are equipped to work with a variety of patients and conditions. Your consultant will refer you to a Stoma Care Nurse as soon as you receive the news that you’ll be having ostomy surgery. Our goal is to provide you with pre-op information, support and counselling and post-op visits every day whilst you’re still in hospital. We work with you for as long as you need us, whether that’s a weekly phone call or an annual appointment, we’ll always be there for you.” – Emma Vernon, Nurse Manager

If you would like to meet our SecuriCare specialist nurses, we run a number of free SecuriCare stoma nurse clinics throughout the UK. For more information about our nursing team. New patients can contact us on freephone 0800 585 125. Existing SecuriCare home delivery service customers on 0800 318 965.

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