These ostomates are using their Instagram feed to show off their athletic ability and raise awareness about ostomies.

If you are a regular OC reader then you're no stranger to the fact that just because you have an ostomy, that doesn’t mean it puts limits on your physicality.

Instagram is becoming a popular outlet for ostomates to share their journey and be open about their ostomy. These awe-inspiring posts – from body builders, runners, cyclists, and more – are for every aspiring athlete out there.

1. Tony has an ileostomy because of Crohn's disease and is a professional Cyclocross Racer for the BMB Racing Team.

2. Zoey became a world champion and continues to leave a lasting impact on women’s body building.

3. Collin knows that running is a good metaphor for life because you get out of it what you put into it.

4. Grace says it all, “My ostomy is a symbol of survival and a celebration of me being alive.” 

5. Matt’s motto for The Ostomy Cycle world is, “Life Rolls On.” 

6. Katie’s passion to make a difference in the lives of others through yoga and wellness is an inspiration to us all.

7. Texas Rangers pitcher, Jake Diekman and his wife Amanda are making a big impact with Gut It Out Foundation.

8. Chelsea is one of the hardest working powerlifting athletes in our community who is always so encouraging to others.

9. Karin understands how difficult ostomy surgery can be, and how great it feels when you finally get your life back. 

10. Since having ileostomy surgery in 2009, Caroline became a book author, triathlete and is working towards Ironman.

We admire all of you for putting heart and soul into your sport and achieving your goals. Watching you do what you love is so inspiring!

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