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Eight years ago, the Canadian telecommunications company Bell launched a campaign called Bell Let's Talk Day which encouraged people across the globe to open up about mental health issues. Last year, Bell had officially counted a record number 131,705,010 million social interactions using the hashtag #BellLetsTalk.

We probably should be talking about mental health every single day, after all, you can't always see depression, PTSD, addictions, or the emotional effects connected to stigmas. From advocates to musicians, ostomates to athletes, here are some important tweets about mental health on #BellLetsTalk Day.

1. Talking about your own mental health is a good first step.

2. Because you don’t need to apologize for letting out the feelings you’ve been holding in for so long.

3. Never feel bad about reaching out for help.

4. Yep, what she said.

5. Hey ostomates, we can play a big part here.

6. One thing we can all do is show empathy and understanding.

7. Things like this can really help.

8. You matter very much. Better days are ahead.

9. If you only take away one thing from this cause, please let it be this.

10. Because mental health challenges affect us all.