11 Photos That Prove How Beautiful Ostomates Really Are

Your perseverance is what makes you beautiful.
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These incredible women show that embracing an ostomy can be empowering—and absolutely gorgeous.

1. Bianca Wright says on her fashion blog, “you can be fashionable while concealing the best bags we will ever own!”

2. Wieke, from the Netherlands shared a photo of her ostomy, writing: “Make your smile so big, that nobody is noticing your bag!”

3. We will rise!!! Gaylyn’s mission is to inspire ostomates in the most glamorous way.

4. Molly gave us inspiration in this beautiful (pre-surgery) photo.

5. Sha Davis, author of CROHNS: Joy Through My Pain Strength Through My Weakness, is shattering ostomate stereotypes.

6. The words that describe Jessica Grossman’s ostomy life: fairy tale ending.

7. Translation: Is not true that I am invincible, I also break into a thousand pieces, only I learned to do it quietly. Perfecta, Maria.

8. She believed she could, so she did.

9. Gratitude is a beautiful and powerful choice.

10. You only live once, dream BIG! The fabulous Jearlean Talyor celebrates 47 years as a double ostomate.

Feature image courtesy of Jearlean Taylor. Photo by Epic Media Photography, make-up by Lakisha Ellis.

11. An invisible illness does not take your beauty away.