11 Instagram posts that prove how beautiful ostomates really are

You create beauty with your attitude.
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These incredible women show that embracing an ostomy can be empowering — and absolutely beautiful.

1. @gutless_fashiondiaries

Bianca Wright says on her fashion blog, “You can be fashionable while concealing the best bags we will ever own!”

2. @ileostomy_crohn_princess

Wieke from The Netherlands walks the walk by saying, “Make your smile so big, that nobody is noticing your bag!”

3. @gutlessandglamorous

We will rise! Gaylyn’s mission is to inspire ostomates in the most glamorous way.

4. @mollyollyostomy

Molly gave us inspiration in this beautiful (pre-surgery) post.

5. @thegirlwiththebag

Sha Davis, author of CROHNS: Joy Through My Pain Strength Through My Weakness, is shattering stereotypes.

6. @jessgrossman

Three words that describe Jessica Grossman’s ostomy life: fairy tale ending.

7. @mafergri4

Translation: "Is not true that I am invincible, I also break into a thousand pieces, only I learned to do it quietly." Perfecta, Maria.

8. @lovedanamarie_

She believed she could, so she did.

9. @emjayuc

Gratitude is a beautiful and powerful choice.

10. @msjearleantaylor

You only live once, dream BIG! Jearlean Talyor celebrates 47 years as a double ostomate.

11. @lydiaandrew

An invisible illness does not take your beauty away.