15 Foodies: See What Ostomates Are Snacking On These Days

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Peek at the plates of Jessica Grossman, Emma Chapple, Keagan Lynggard and more ostomates who are making us hungry.

1. Jessica Mijnssen posts more than just #ostomybomb photos and gorgeous scenery. Look at what’s cooking in her kitchen.


2. For Ellen Speicher it's go big or go home! "sweet baby cheezus," the writer and patient advocate posted.


3. "You couldn't have picked a better quote that has meaning to my life.” inspirational ostomy advocate Jacob Ralston captioned with a photo of a delicious looking birthday dessert.


4. Any college student from Wisconsin knows that adding a “manmosa” to your morning makes the rest of the day even better.


5. Ostomy blogger, Louise Hunt starts out Thursday with a hearty breakfast. Chew on those mushrooms!


6. Uncover Ostomy founder Jessica Grossman knows a thing or two about cooking vegan. Throwback to pre-wedding days, "Dinner for the #fiancé. Bringing back my master #chef skills.”


7. Everyone knows we are supposed to eat a large range of colors. “Taste the rainbow,” Karin Miller of Newbie Ostomy captioned with a photo of three homemade juices.


8. Speaking of newbie ostomates... Sarah Anderson celebrated her birthday just like everyone should — with a one candle blow-out cake.


9. Eric Polsinelli's daughter (and cook) kicked off a veggie dinner with oven baked squash. “Delish!”


10. Nessa Collins is blending her way to better health this year with The World's Original Nutrient Extractor. #NutriBullet #2017healthierme


11. You don't want to mess with Keagan Lynggard and her doughnuts. "I would rather be at the fair," she captioned with a very large bacon doughnut.


12. "GUYS THIS TOAST" the journalist said about this aesthetically pleasing meal — and from the looks of it Emma, we'd have to agree.


13. Shell Lawes aka Stoma In A Teacup enjoyed a yummy "hot choc treat."


14. It's no surprise that this is what you have to eat to keep up with two kids and feel as good as J-pouch mom and vegan blogger, Lauren Nastasi.


15. Healthy green cuisine is no problem: "I did my best with chewing and as per advised by other ostomates who like to eat a lot of veg, I made sure to have probiotics and digestive aids." wrote ‘Goodness Goddess Me’ founder Tara Penney.