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See what the foodies of Instagram are snacking on these days

Peek at the plates of 15 ostomates.

If there's one thing everyone here can agree on, it's that food is amazing. Peek at the plates of Raina O'Dell, Ryan Van Voorhis, Jessica Grossman and 12 more ostomates who are making us hungry.

1. Happiest with food.

2. Dude, nevermind the oysters.

3. So good. So vegan.

4. 34 times YES!

5. Go BIG.


7. Sweet bag ya got.

8. It goes without saying.

9. That looks delicioso!

10. My happy place.

11. Rethink your drink.

12. Beyond good.

13. Happy days are here again.

14. Face your food.

15. Bye-bye bowel, hello king crab!