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How can we feel more connected with others who have an ostomy? One way is by reading stories you can relate to. Whether you're looking for gift ideas or suggestions for your own reading, we have you covered.

Does This Hospital Gown Come With Sequins?

by Lisa Goodman-Helfand
222 pages

Does This Gown

A chronically ill mother of two recalls her near-death experience after the birth of her second child. Lisa Helfand bares her soul from a hospital bed in Chicago, at times feeling a million miles from help, even when surrounded by medicine and many latex-gloved hands hoping to cure her with standard protocols. Her condition confounds doctors and family, while her internal struggle is muffled by a tracheotomy. Lisa's road to recovery is documented with humor and poise in her debut memoir, Does This Hospital Gown Come With Sequins?

About the author: Lisa Goodman-Helfand had ileostomy surgery in May 2006 due to complications during childbirth. She is married with two children and lives in Chicago as a writer and professional speaker. On Comfortable in My Thick Skin, Lisa blogs about motherhood, marriage, body image, and scleroderma.

Bag Lady: A Memoir

by Sandra Benitez
216 pages

Bag Lady A Memoir

The poignant true story of a woman's struggle with a chronic and debilitating diagnosis of ulcerative colitis. This book chronicles how Sandra Benitez coped with UC before and after making the decision to have permanent ileostomy surgery. Bag Lady: A Memoir runs deep. It's a memoir of Sandra's 30-year struggle with inflammatory bowel disease and her acceptance of the surgery that changed her life.

About the Author: Sandra Benitez is an American novelist. Her work has earned nearly two dozen honors, awards, and grants. She was the 2006 Central Region winner of the Great Comebacks Award.

Great Comebacks from Ostomy Surgery

by Rolf Benirschke
207 pages

Great Comebacks from Ostomy Surgery

Great Comebacks from Ostomy Surgery includes inspirational stories of fifteen people who have survived and thrived living with an ostomy. In this book, they share heart wrenching and heartwarming stories about how each dealt with their diagnosis and challenging circumstances which led to having surgery.

About the Author: Rolf Benirschke is a former NFL placekicker who at the age of 24 was struck with ulcerative colitis and needed life-saving ileostomy surgery. Remarkably, he was able to return to the game he loved and play seven more seasons.

If you're looking for more books, our reading list is a great place to start.