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3 Ostomate Athletes Share Their Favorite Morning Routines

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How do you wake up to the world?

There are times when I feel like an athlete just getting through the day, so I’m truly inspired by what some ostomates are able to accomplish. The road to athletic greatness is not for everyone, but we can all benefit by following daily habits that lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Here are three ostomate competitors who follow a 'success-based' morning routine to stay motivated and healthy in order to achieve their goals!

Collin Jarvis, 24, Track & Field Athlete, ileostomy since 2014, USA

My morning routine always includes emptying my ostomy bag. After that I grab a quick snack (like two pieces of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and banana) and drink some electrolytes. I use GU energy products, because it doesn't contain sorbitol which bugs my stomach. Then I head out for a 90 minute run! Once I finish, my breakfast is an egg omelet with toast or a big Greek yogurt parfait. I also take a daily multi-vitamin, 3000mg of fish oil, 45mg of slow release iron, and a vitamin B-complex with folic acid. By 8am, I'm usually at least 1.5 liters of water in. Typically, 3.25 liters of fluid is a baseline and best when I take in small sips, constantly throughout the day.

Beginner tip: Stay well hydrated throughout the day and drink fluids with electrolytes.


I'm wearing the Stealth Belt

Zoey Wright, 24, Body Building Champion, ileostomy since 2014, UK

Alarm goes off at 6:30am, I roll out of bed and walk straight to the bathroom to take care of my ostomy. Then I drink a big glass of water which awakens and hydrates me. I head to the gym for 45 minutes of fasted cardio and steady state training. I shower, then head home to eat a healthy breakfast and take my vitamins. Every single morning I prep my meals individually, batch-cooking rice, chicken, tuna and vegetables. I’m out all day, so I pack a gym bag for my afternoon workout and also bring my meals, healthy snacks (like Gutsy Bars) and water along in a small cooler bag. Sticking to the same food keeps things predictable and helps me keep track of carb, protein and fat intake.

Beginner tip: Prep and plan for meals to help keep you on track with healthy eating.

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Matt Newman, 27, Competitive Cyclist, ileostomy since 2015, Canada

The first thing I do when I wake up is put the kettle on. While the water's boiling I'll empty my ostomy bag and check the seal. I roll a bit while sleeping so I always make sure that the seal is in good shape before starting my day. After that I'll eat a pretty big breakfast of porridge, peanut butter toast, two eggs, and a big mug of Earl Grey tea. While eating, I take a daily multi-vitamin, calcium chew and B12 supplement. Once breakfast is over I prepare a few bottles of Skratch Labs hydration mix and do a quick check over of my bike. On long ride days (80km-120km) I'll drink 700ml of extra water before heading out, but for anything under 80km, the two 700ml bottles on my bike will carry me through the ride.

Beginner tip: Vitamins and supplements can help ostomates.


Life rolls on.

Whether you naturally wake up feeling alert and productive or wake up with the brainpower of a zombie, these beginner tips can help transform your morning routine. Give them a try for 30 days see how you feel next month!