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One of the greatest things about bloggers in the ostomy community is their passion to support others. These days, blogs are more than just reading a personal diary, they offer tips and support to know that you're not alone.

The number of blogs out there could easily reach over 100. We won't overwhelm you with too much awesomeness at once. Here are five bloggers who all started out as, well, ostomates!

1. Uncover Ostomy

Uncover Ostomy is an online awareness campaign and blog founded by Jessica Grossman who had ileostomy surgery as a teenager because of Crohn's disease. We give a lot of credit to Jessica for being one of the first to start a social media movement back in 2009.

2. VeganOstomy

Eric Polsinelli had permanent ileostomy surgery in August 2013 because of Crohn's disease. Not only is he "helping to create happy ostomates" on VeganOstomy, but he also advocates for the inflammatory bowel disease and vegan lifestyle communities. If you're looking for content that is detailed and covers every angle of a topic, this is your blog.

3. IBD Baggage Claim

Stacey Willins' motto is "we all come with a little extra baggage"... hers just happens to be literal. She had ileostomy surgery in October 2015 because of ulcerative colitis. As a young woman, she realized the only way not to feel embarrassed is by being completely open, honest, and straightforward on her blog. This September she'll take us on another journey with j-pouch surgery — without holding back any details. 

4. No Colon Jarvis

Collin Jarvis is taking on living with an ostomy, one milestone at a time. In March of 2014 he had ileostomy surgery because of ulcerative colitis, and since then has backpacked across New Zealand and Italy, competed in 3k and 5k marathons, and received his degree at UC Berkeley. Collin started a blog to inspire others with an ostomy to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

5. Bag Lady Mama

She's raw, she's real, she's honest... and that's why she is so loved. Krystal Miller started a Facebook page and website to blog about her life as a mama with an ostomy which quickly made media headlines on UpworthyCosmopolitan, Bustle, and many more! Krystal goes above and beyond to bring inspiration and support to the ostomy community. She also came up with #bagbitchesrock!