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6 things you can do in October to promote ostomy awareness

The fun starts here!

Want people in your local area to know more about ostomies? From Stoma Stroll's to donating ostomy supplies, there's plenty to do this month. Use these ideas to help raise awareness.

1. Host a fundraising event

A fundraising event can help boost both awareness and donations for organizations you care about and it helps build a real community around your cause. For example, a group of nurses decided to throw a painting party to raise money for Youth Rally, a summer camp for kids with bladder and bowel dysfunctions. With this fun event, they were able to beat their fundraising goal.

2. Attend a support group meeting

Most people who attend a support group use the meetings to learn more about living with an ostomy and to connect with others. Bring a family member or friend along, so you can educate others and share information. UOAA has affiliated groups throughout the country and Ostomy Canada Society has local chapters in regions all across Canada.

3. Raise awareness in your workplace

The workplace is a terrific forum for getting the word out. If you’ve started a fundraiser, collecting small donations from many employees can add up to a significant contribution to charities that advocate for ostomates. A fun idea could be “Stoma Sticker Day" to get your co-workers involved. Request a stoma sticker from Hollister Incorporated.

 4. Participate in a local run/walk event 

Communities all across the globe participate in annual run/walks as a collective show of support to raise awareness and funds for advocacy campaigns. If you cannot find a walk in your area you can organize a team or participate as an individual in our virtual walk.

5. Make a donation to an ostomy supply charity

Donate your extra ostomy supplies to a charity that assists people who need supplies or give money to show your support for their ongoing work in helping the ostomy community.

FOW-Canada: sends donated supplies to countries in need outside Canada

FOW-USA: sends donated supplies to countries in need outside the USA

Kindred Box: supports ostomates in America who need assistance with supplies

Purple Wings Charity: sends donated supplies to countries in need outside the UK

Ostomy NSW: sends donated supplies to countries in need outside Australia

6. Share your story or someone else's

So much can be done to raise awareness simply by speaking out. Tell your own story or share inspiring articles on OC. Join Amber Ogle and Tina Aswani Omprakash on Saturday, October 5 at 11am EST for a Facebook LIVE chat sponsored by Hollister Incorporated.

Whether it’s on National Ostomy Awareness Day or any other day in October, each one of us is capable of doing something to spread the word about lifesaving ostomy surgery.