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"I’ve never been anyplace that set fire to my soul and imagination like Alaska."

There seems to be a certain joy in freezing a moment in time and turning it into art. For many artists, photography is not something you prepare yourself for — it's being at the right place at the right time. Some photographers, like ostomate Ted Vosk, say the connection to people and nature is what brings the most happiness.

Ted was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in his late teens and made the decision to have ileostomy surgery in January of 2012. He graduated from Harvard Law school in 1999 and lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife Kris. As a prominent defense attorney, Ted has spent the past two years working on domestic violence cases in Juneau, Alaska. If there's one main reason why his side study is photography, it would be to inspire others to visit "The Last Frontier."

With an office view that looks like a postcard, I can certainly see why Ted spends most of his spare time shooting beautiful scenery. Nature photography is one of his passions in life, saying, "I go out and take photos, and become totally immersed in the experience. I can be out shooting for hours and don’t even realize that time is passing by."

"I’ve never been anyplace that set fire to my soul and imagination like Alaska."

"I’ve never been anyplace that set fire to my soul and imagination like Alaska."

Whenever on the trails with a camera he feels, "Pure euphoria. I am out there in almost a zen-like state, simply wandering wherever I want to go and capturing the beauty of Alaska. There is no feeling quite like it." We're proud to feature this stunning sunset photographed by Ted as our cover image on social media for December.

winter scene in Alaska

"I've witnessed some amazing sunsets during my time in Alaska."

For those of us who haven't yet visited the Arctic Circle, one of the prettiest sights to see has to be the astronomical phenomena called the northern lights (Aurora Borealis). Thank you Ted, for capturing an incredible natural light display in the Earth's sky! You, and your artwork, are an inspiration to our community.

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