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Rachel Jury had a totally surprising and uplifting chance meeting at the dentist.

Look how awesome this ostomy connection turned out!
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Rachel Jury is a patient advocate who lives in Bournemouth, England and studied at Cardiff University in 2008. Her website, Rocking2Stomas, was created last year with a personal mission to raise awareness about urostomies and double ostomates.

In 2007, Rachel contracted Campylobacteriosis from cooked chicken purchased at a local supermarket. That resulted in a chain reaction of multiple organ failures which eventually lead to an emergency ileostomy operation to save her life. Years later she had urostomy surgery to remove her bladder and now lives with two ostomies.

We came across this post on Rachel’s Facebook page about a totally surprising and uplifting chance meeting. Although disappointed that her long-time dentist was moving, she found a new dentist and it turned out to be an ostomy connection that she never expected. We were even more surprised to find out he's a brand new ostomate.

It just goes to show, you never know who has an ostomy unless they tell you. And when something doesn’t go as you planned, embrace the change because you never know what exciting things may come your way.

Rachel Jury and

Rachel Jury and Dr. Shane McCrea Rocking"3"Stomas

"Can you believe he had emergency surgery two weeks ago and is back to work already? His attitude so early on is amazing! His younger brother had a stoma as a baby so he knew about ostomies." – Rachel Jury

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