This BRUT video went viral in just a few weeks: Model Is Not Ashamed Of Her Ostomy Bags

Move over Beyoncé, Gisele and Kendall. Make way for Jearlean Taylor.
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Jearlean Taylor is a model in demand. Her list of fans includes artists, designers and photographers from across the country. She is succeeding as a fashion model with two ostomies and proving that anything is possible.

At age three, Jearlean was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma of the genital tract. She was cancer-free one year later because of having colostomy and urostomy surgery. Her dream is to grace the pages of Vogue Magazine to prove that anything is possible for people with ostomies.

This video from BRUT on Facebook went viral with over 390K views (and counting) in just the past few weeks.

"Thank you for giving me a platform to show others we are not our circumstances and that we can be and do and become in spite of unforeseen circumstances. Vogue, my biggest dream to grace the pages in your magazine. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE." – Jearlean Taylor